North Stars Exclusive Wellness VIP Event

Attn: Parents and student athletes!

Join us for wellness and recovery accompanied by a light brunch. Learn how Below Body Bar can help recover your student athlete as fast as within 24 hours and be ready to go at their best the next day just like the pros do! Learn how this not only recovers your young athlete but also keeps you well and recovered as a busy parent on the go, without having to take any harmful short cuts. We are excited to see you there!


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), also known as the 21st Cenutry Ice Bath is a staple for recovery to reduce inflammation.

WBC can reduce your recovery time from 72 hours to as little as 24 hours leaving you recovered, restored and ready to perform.

The B°ATHLETIC program offers a one stop shop to any recovery needs to all athletes and beyond.



Fat Away!!!

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