Gym Policies & Membership Fees

$30 annual, non-refundable per child Membership Fee is due upon registration


Auto-Renewal into the next session: Current members will auto-renew into the next session.

  • Your child's spot in class is now guaranteed with auto-renew sessions.

  • The gym must be notified 2 weeks prior to the session start date if you will NOT be attending. Please call, email or visit the front desk to cancel your membership.

  • There will be a $20 late cancel fee. 

Auto-renew charges will occur on the following dates:

Session 1- TBA 2020

Session 2 - November 1st, 2019

Session 3- January 18th, 2020

Session 4-March 28th, 2020

Credit Card on the account: Each family must have a valid Credit Card saved in their Parent account to guarantee enrollment.

MAKE-UP POLICY:  NEW! Please read

  • You Must use your Make-up Tokens to re-schedule a class. (watch videos below). 

  • You may also leave a message on the answering machine requesting DAY, DATE, and TIME of requested make-up 

  • You will be contacted to confirm your request  

  • Do Not "show up" for a class without confirmation. You May Not attend a class for a "make-up" without confirmation from the office.

  • Due to the very limited number of make-up spots per class, a missed make-up for which you do not call to cancel at least one day before will be counted as a completed make-up  

  • There is only 1 make-up allowed per 10-week session.

  • Make-ups may not be made the first week of a new session 

  • Make-ups will not carry over from session to session

  • Use your tokens prior to the class being missed. You may also call or email prior to the class be missed.



  • No money will be returned after the third week of classes unless due to a long term injury or long term illness. 

  • You must provide a doctor’s note for such a refund. 

  • Tuition will be deducted for the classes that were attended.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • The registration fee will not be refunded.



  • Girls:  Leotard and bare feet.  Tights may be worn as long as they do not have feet.  No loose clothing. 

  • Boys:  Sweatsuit, “T”-shirt, shorts, and bare feet.  

  • Pre-School:  Comfortable clothing (No metal, zippers, belts, etc.)  

  • NO JEANS! 




In the event of a serious weather event (ex.large snowfall), check the Home page of this web site, our Facebook page, Instagram or iClass Mobile App announcements.


How to use Make Up Tokens to reschedule a class

Session 3 Make up days

The extra tokens will be given to the classes that fall on closure dates.

  • Saturday March 7th and Sunday, March 8th Garden State meet

You have access to Make-up tokens in the Parent Portal and iClass mobile app.

The fastest and easiest way to reschedule

Watch the video on How To Use Make Up Tokens.

Watch the video How To Cancel Make Up Class

Watch the video iClass token Help

This feature will allow you to REQUEST a Make Up class.


We will APPROVE and send you a CONFIRMATION email.

Please do not show up to class without receiving a confirmation email.


We will also Reset your Make up tokens if you need to reschedule.

If you have any issues, please call or email us