Gym Policies & Membership Fees

$40 annual, non-refundable per child Membership Fee is due upon registration


  • Your child's spot in class is now guaranteed with auto-renew sessions.

  • The gym must be notified 2 weeks prior to the session start date if you will NOT be attending. Please call, email or visit the front desk to cancel your membership.

  • There will be a $20 late cancel fee. 

Auto-renew charges will NOT occur until further notice

Credit Card on the account: Each family must have a valid Credit Card saved in their Parent account to guarantee enrollment.

MAKE-UP POLICY:  NEW! Please read

  • You Must use your Make-up Tokens to re-schedule a class. 

  • You may also leave a message on the answering machine requesting DAY, DATE, and TIME of requested make-up 

  • You will be contacted to confirm your request  

  • Do Not "show up" for a class without confirmation. You May Not attend a class for a "make-up" without confirmation from the office.

  • Due to the very limited number of make-up spots per class, a missed make-up for which you do not call to cancel at least one day before will be counted as a completed make-up  

  • There is only 1 make-up allowed per 10-week session. There are no make up sor summer session.

  • Make-ups may not be made the first week of a new session 

  • Make-ups will not carry over from session to session

  • Use your tokens prior to the class being missed. You may also call or email prior to the class be missed.

  • However, session 3 members who enroll in summer may receive 1 make up session.



  • No money will be returned after the third week of classes unless due to a long term injury or long term illness. 

  • You must provide a doctor’s note for such a refund. 

  • Tuition will be deducted for the classes that were attended.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • The registration fee will not be refunded.



  • Girls:  Leotard and bare feet.  Tights may be worn as long as they do not have feet.  No loose clothing. 

  • Boys:  Sweatsuit, “T”-shirt, shorts, and bare feet.  

  • Pre-School:  Comfortable clothing (No metal, zippers, belts, etc.)  

  • NO JEANS! 




In the event of a serious weather event (ex.large snowfall), check the Home page of this web site, our Facebook page, Instagram or iClass Mobile announcements.


How to use Make Up Tokens to reschedule a class

Session 3 Make up days (only for Summer-enrollment members)

1 token will be given to summer classes

You have access to Make-up tokens in the Customer Portal

The fastest and easiest way to reschedule

This feature will allow you to REQUEST a Make Up class.


We will APPROVE and send you a CONFIRMATION email.

Please do not show up to class without receiving a confirmation email.


We will also Reset your Make up tokens if you need to reschedule.

If you have any issues, please call or email us


(973) 316-2507

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