Gym Policies & Membership Fees

$40 annual, non-refundable per child Membership Fee is due upon registration. 

Please READ our Resuming Classes & Training details HERE.

All NEW and Returning members MUST accept new policies in the customer portal.

ONLINE registration will only be accepted








  • Tuition is due on the 1st day of the calendar month for gymnastics.

  • A 10% Late Fee is added on the 6th of the month. Past due balances will automatically be charged to your credit card on file on the 6th of the month. Delinquent accounts will be filed with the credit bureau.

  • Annual Registration fee and Tuition are Non-Refundable. The annual Registration fee will automatically be charged to your credit card on file automatically on the 1st day of your renewal month.

  • A $35 NSF will be charged on returned checks. A valid credit card is required for registration. There is a 5% processing fee if a refund situation should occur. 

  • There are no make ups or tuition credits for missed and/or canceled classes due to natural disasters and/or acts of God. 

  • Account must be paid current and in order for students to participate in class.

  • Gymnast may lose a spot in preferred class if the account is not paid on time however this does not alleviate financial obligations.

  • Preschool Parents are required to stay upstairs while their child(ren) participates in class. 

  • All parents must be available to pick child up no later than 5 minutes prior to class ending. We are not responsible for your child once the class is dismissed. 

  • Your child's spot in class is now guaranteed with our new monthly billing and annual auto-renewals.

  • You will NOT be charged for Holiday closures or Gym Blackout dates due to meets.

  • You MUST give a 15-day drop notice” on the 1st day of the calendar month prior to the month dropping. You agree to pay 1-month full tuition if written notice is not given. This applies to ANY drop at ANY time. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Please use the customer portal to DROP ENROLLMENT (CLICK TO VIEW) you may specify the date in the request. Drop notices are only accepted using the Customer Portal. 

  • A credit card must be on file for all auto-drafts.

Credit Card on the account: Each family must have a valid Credit Card saved in their Parent account to guarantee enrollment.

MAKE-UP POLICY:  NEW! Please read

  • You must use your Make-up Tokens to re-schedule a class using the ONLINE system.You will receive a confirmation via email.

  • Do Not "show up" for a class without confirmation. You May Not attend a class for a "make-up" without confirmation from the office.

  • Due to the very limited number of make-up spots per class, a missed make-up class will be counted as a completed make-up. You cannot make up, a make up class. 

  • There is only 1 make-up allowed on FRIDAYS ONLY of the week you missed your class. Unless we extend it due to illness/injury (with a Dr.note), Vacation travel, or closure.

  • Make-ups MUST be made up within the same week you missedNO EXCEPTIONS.

  •  If you cannot make up a class within that week, your make up token will expire and will NOT be replaced.

  • There are NO make-ups the first week of class.

  • You may use your tokens prior to the class being missed by accessing the portal and reporting a future absence.  You may also call or email prior to the class be missed.



 Online Zoom classes are offered during Covid-19 closure for all recreational classes.

  • No money will be returned after the third week of classes unless due to a long term injury or long term illness. 

  • You must provide a doctor’s note for such a refund. 

  • Tuition will be deducted for the classes that were attended.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • The registration fee will not be refunded.



  • Girls:  Leotard and bare feet.  Tights may be worn as long as they do not have feet.  No loose clothing. 

  • Boys:  Sweatsuit, “T”-shirt, shorts, and bare feet.  

  • Pre-School:  Comfortable clothing (No metal, zippers, belts, etc.)  

  • NO JEANS! 




In the event of a serious weather event (ex.large snowfall), check the Home page of this web site, our Facebook page, Instagram or iClass Mobile announcements.

Now Featuring Monthly Billing


Only 1 adult allowed to attend if capacity allows. MASKS are mandatory.


No Siblings allowed in the viewing area.


Please try to wait outside the gym.

We are limiting people in the gym for safety precautions.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

How to use Make Up Tokens to reschedule a class

Please read and understand these policies.

North Stars has a strict make up policy. You MUST schedule a make up on the Friday of the week you missed class. You must use your make up token or it will expire that same week. You can schedule your make up by selecting the class and selecting make up token in the customer portal. 


My child missed their class on Tuesday, October 13th, can I attend the FRIDAY make up class in November?

NO, you MUST attend the Friday class on October 16th. The same week you missed class. The make up token expires and will not be carried over week to week.


No. These holidays are calculated into the class schedule, so no make-ups are permitted for these days.

If you chose to travel, YOU chose to stay out of the gym 10 days in order to provide a safe environment for other members.

If your child is in school or has been exposed to COVID-19 ALL members in your household must quarantine 10 days.


You will receive your Make up tokens.

Please be honest, we can only continue to keep the gym safe if we work together.

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