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Upcoming All-School Olympiad and G.A.P Meet Stirs Up Excitement

Every year, as the Olympic anthem sounds through the speakers, gymnasts of the recreational class program at North Stars wave to family members and put on an exciting show. Each gymnast performs a rehearsed routine on all four gymnastics apparatus to showcase the skills they’ve acquired through the program. This annual event is known as the All-School Olympiad.

This year marks the 32nd year that North Stars will host the Olympiad. It will be held Saturday, June 17, 2017, at the North Stars Gymnastics facility in Boonton, NJ. Participating athletes in the 2017 Olympiad include those from the 3-10 years and older classes, Mini Advanced 1 classes, Junior Advanced 1 classes and Junior Advanced 2 classes.

In past years, the Olympiad has offered a fun experience for both the athletes and their families. It is an opportunity for parents to get up-close photographs of their children and celebrate everything they’ve learned thus far in gymnastics.

Each recreational class is age-specific and runs one to two hours long, one day per week throughout the year. Most children participating in the Olympiad did not have gymnastics experience prior to entering the class program. However, the Junior Advanced classes consists of young athletes who do have some prior experience in gymnastics.

This year, North Stars is hosting its first Gymnastics Athletic Program (G.A.P) meet in conjunction with the Olympiad. This meet will act as the final meet for the program’s season. G.A.P program gymnasts will be scored on their performances on each event and will receive achievement ribbons based on their all-around score. North Stars established its G.A.P program just this year, and so far, it has grown to be very successful.

Owner of North Stars, Paula Gehman, explained her reasoning for combining the Olympiad with the G.A.P meet. “I wanted to give the gymnasts of the G.A.P program a true meet experience,” Gehman explained. “Because it is the culmination of the recreational class program’s season, it was natural to add in a G.A.P meet to create an even bigger experience for everyone.”

Admission for Adults attending the Olympiad is $3.00 and is free for those under 18 years of age. Parents of gymnasts competing in the G.A.P meet may attend and watch the G.A.P meet free of charge.

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