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Job Opportunities


Recreational Gymnastics Coach (part -time) will teach their students how to safely execute beginner, intermediate and/or advanced gymnastics skills. The coach will report to the gym manager and perform the following responsibilities:


Job Responsibilities:

● Lead and supervise classes with boys and girls of different age groups and talents.

○ Teach skills and abilities at each apparatus, following the standard gymnastics curriculum.

○ Lead the standard gymnastics warm up on a rotating basis; assist in the warm up when another coach is leading

○ Ensure controlled class management: concentrate on all gymnasts, don’t tolerate disrespectful behavior, practice positive reinforcement.

○ Assess the skills of each gymnast quarterly to determine pre-team readiness, report the assessment to gym manager


● Set up a safe gym environment:

○ Adhere to safe practices for all equipment.

○ Ensure correct technique is used while spotting.

○ Review gym and facility safety with new gymnasts.

○ Adapt equipment for the age, ability, and size of gymnasts.

○ Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures.


● Plan and come prepared:

○ Carry a positive attitude

○ Come prepared to teach written lesson plans

○ Arrive 15 minutes before class or meeting start times

○ Wear appropriate coaching attire

○ Complete student roll and assessments 


● Communicate with the gym manager on a weekly basis regarding the teaching schedule and gymnast performance. Determine who will sub for your class if absent.


● Ensure the gym, including bathrooms, lobby and office space are clean (rotating basis)


Additional Requirements:


● A love of kids (and a lot of patience) and a love of gymnastics!

● Must be certified or willing to be certified with USA gymnastics before starting any position at North Stars Gymnastics. (Online course through

● The ability to lift up to 50 pounds; physical activity involved in spotting and moving equipment: pulling, lifting, crouching, balancing, and climbing

● The ability to personally communicate with parents and staff

● Standard First-Aid Certification, administer first aid if necessary

Hourly wages based on experience. 

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