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Private Lesson &
Semi-Private Lesson

Recreational class students only

Boost your skills and hone your individual strengths with a one-on-one coach! North Stars offers private lessons where athletes can work on tumbling, jumps, strength, flexibility, and more.

Our private lessons are taught by a highly trained staff of USAG coaches. We focus on improving your skills while always keeping safety and fun and the forefront. We maintain a supportive environment where everyone's strengths are celebrated and positivity is our priority. 


Not from our gym?

We are happy to share our staff's excellent knowledge and experience with cheerleaders & recreational gymnastics students from other gyms.

We cannot provide private training for team members from other facilities.


All NEW students will be charged a 1x annual registration fee ($40) before their 1st session. 

See Pricing Below

How can I start?

Step 1: Please fill out the REQUEST form BELOW before your first private lesson

Step 2:


Step 3:  One of our coaches will contact you via email to confirm and get more information about your student/s.

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