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This program has been developed to help our advanced recreational gymnasts continue to progress their skills on all events. This program is used to recruit gymnasts into our competitive USAIGC and Xcel team programs. Coaches will notify parents of their athlete's potential and advise them which appropriate team division will suit their child best. We attend New Jersey Gap Meets, to showcase our Junior Advanced skills at local gymnastics facilities and introduce them to the competition setting.

Skill Req

Prerequisites for each Level
All Junior Advanced students MUST be approved before enrolling in class. This is based on skill level and NOT age. Please do not enroll without approval. You will not be refunded.
All recreational 6yr+ and 8yr+ classes are evaluated in class and are INVITED to Junior advanced once skills are attained. Recreational students are aware that these skills are needed to move up in leveled classes.



Junior Advanced 1

Bars: Pullover (no spot) & cast swing with legs together

Floor: Forward and backward roll stand up w/o use of hands, Cartwheel R/L & bridge kick over without a spot (on their own)

Beam: See-Saw on high beam.

Vault: Tree fall & arm circle hurdle off the springboard


Junior Advanced 2

Bars: J1 skills plus, back hip circle, glide (1) & sole circle/under swing dismount 

Floor: J1 skills plus, Handstand forward roll, over low, 1 arm cartwheel R/L, back walkover, front limber, round off

Beam: J1 skills plus, front & side handstands on high beam

Vault: J1 skills plus, stretch jump onto 2 8” mats, kick up to handstand flat back

maria v 2.JPG

Junior Advanced 3

Bars: J1 & 2 skills plus, squat on jump catch high bar & 3 glides in a row

Floor: J1 & 2 skills plus, handstand forward roll w/ straight arms, back & front walkover, & round off rebound. Spotted back handspring

Beam: J1 & 2 skills plus, Handstand to vertical, round off or front handspring dismount

Vault: J1 & 2 skills plus, front handspring over resi (add 8” mat if they are tall)


Junior Advanced Guidelines


Routine Videos

Junior Advanced I

Junior Advanced II

Junior Advanced III

Routine Videos

JA Guidelines

  1. Adhere to the dress code

  2. Arrive on time for classes

  3. Hair tied up and out of the face

  4. Show respect towards teammates and coaches- Those who can not adhere to this policy will be placed on probation in the program (read anti-bully/conduct policy in customer portal)

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