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Tumbling and Stunt Class

Our classes allow your student to

progress safely and concentrate

on their form. 


Level 1 & 2 Class

• Level 1: cartwheels, round-offs, forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, knee or waist level single 

leg stunt, two-footed prep, straight cradles

• Level 2: back handspring, front handspring, Level 1 tumbling connected to a handspring, prep level single leg stunts, extended two-footed stunts, half-twisting mounts, barrel rolls, begin basket tosses

Level 3 & 4 Class

• Level 3: running tucks, standing series back handsprings, jumps connected to standing back handspring, full 

twisting mounts to prep, full twisting dismounts, extended single-leg stunts

•Level 4- standing tucks, running layouts, full twisting mounts to extended two-footed stunts, double twisting dis-mounts from two-footed stunts, release moves to extended single leg stunts.

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